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  • CAPTrade is a Stock Trading Accounting System that enables all Stock Traders to upload their financial data automatically and thus providing reports specific for Accounting.
  • CAPTrade's reports display all the information your accountant requires. These reports include Profit & Loss, Settlement Adjustments, Reconciliation, Current Stocks Holding, Miscellaneous Entries, Schedule of Placement & Withdrawals and many more.
  • All of your Trades and Bank Account credits & debits can be viewed instantly and categorised appropriately for better reporting and searching. All items are customisable and are reflected onto the reports.
  • Works perfectly with most Online Trading websites including ANZ E*TRADE Australia, CommSec and others. We can customise any download files to work with the system.

  • All this and plenty more to enable a complete and total solution. Contact Us anytime for further information.

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