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Our Services

  • C.A.P. Technologies provides software solutions fully customized for any industry and business. We can develop tracking systems, purchase, sales and leasing, reporting, invoicing, accounting, Electronic Data Interchanging, Importing and Exporting and any database capturing information that you require.
  • Your system will have a Windows© interface with a multi-user, expandable database, multi-location backend. We use Centura/Gupta© Software ( with a SQLBase database but you may choose other databases that support the Centura software as well.
  • We will initially learn to understand your business procedures and work together to build a complete, customized solution to avoid the use of other 3rd party software by eliminating double entry. When both parties are satisfied with the final solution, we will then physically install the product on site and train the necessary users. When you go Live with the system, we will make sure that any changes or fixes are completed before you use it independently. Maintenance, Support, and future Modifications and Services are also provided by us only whether remotely or physically on-site so all you need to deal with is us and that makes it a whole lot easier. Also, enhancements to similar systems from other customers can also be updated to your version.
  • Of course, if you prefer one of our off-the-shelf Products, then we can train and install the product immediately or customize it to your needs.
  • We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied and that's a guarantee!!

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