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  • DepoTrak is a Container Depot System for Gate In and Outs, Repairs, Storage and Bookings/Releases.
  • DepoTrak handles Pre-Advices, Gate Movements, Estimates, Container Tracking, Bookings/Releases, Storage and all other services applicable to a Container Depot.
  • Multi-user and Multi-Depot enabled with security access restrictions for each user creates control of data and user referencing throughout the system.
  • Incorporates all EDI capabilities including CEDEX, CODECO and any other EDI requirement.
  • Enquiry facilities are available to keep track of all container history and movements within the Depot including Current Stock, Repairs, Bookings/Releases, Financials and Gate-Out.
  • Respective customers can also connect remotely into the system and only view their containers through enquiry or reports with controlled restriction throughout.
  • All this and plenty more to enable a complete and total solution. Contact Us anytime for further information.

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