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  • CAPIM is an Inventory Module System that can be used for all Business Uses no matter what industry. The system assists the users to better manage the purchasing, storage and consumption of items and materials to keep track of all items effectively, whether big or small.
  • CAPIM contains modules to capture Supplier's details and their rates whether local or not. You can enter all their component items or upload them from the Suppliers database.
  • A simple to use Purchase Order screen enables the user to create Quotes and/or Orders easily as once the Supplier is selected, a simple click here and there and the order is complete. The completed form can be sent immediately to the Supplier via email or by fax.
  • Other screens enable the users to keep track of the history of parts and whether your current stock needs replenishment, where the items are stored in your area, where the items have been sold to and many other important information. There are plenty of reports as well that can be customised or produced at any time and can be sent on a daily basis to Suppliers or Customers.
  • All this and plenty more to enable a complete and total solution. Contact Us anytime for further information.

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