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  • CAPGolf is a fun and exciting personal system to keep track of you and your friends Golf scores so you can see the performances of each player in the group. It has all the details you need to keep score of your game by tracking your shots, putts, GIR's, fairways, penalties, up and downs, sand saves and other details if you want or you can simply just enter your score only.
  • CAPGolf stores all local Golf Courses with their ACR Rating, hole number and name, Hole Length, Par and Index for both members and socials of men and women. So depending on which rating you played on the day will determine your handicap score for the day in order to calculate your overall handicap.
  • You can keep track of a points system between you and your friends or just track all your games for your own personal records. All of your past matches are easily identifiable and you can print or email these records to your friends as well.
  • There are a number of reports including a Detailed or Summary version of the past matches whether it is for a group of friends or your own. The Players Handicap report will list upto your last 20 rounds to determine your correct Handicap score.
  • All this and plenty more to enable a complete and total solution. Contact Us anytime for further information.

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